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What We Do 

We are a premium Renewable Energy Solutions Provider.  We provide comprehensive consultation and services for all your "Renewable Requirements".

We specialise in integrated smart solutions.

Regardless of roof, Slate or slant. 

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On A Mission To Make Ireland That Bit Greener 

Our aim is to supply the highest quality domestic solar solutions at a fair price with excellent service 

There's no job to big or small, we tailor and optimise each system to its owner and their lifestyle. 

Simple Steps To Sustainablity

Step 1:
Reach Out.

Fill out our online contact form, we only need basic details of your home and energy needs / usage. This is to tailor your homes spec to you ensuring you have the smoothest and most effective system long after we've left. 

Step 2:
Initial Site Survey.

Let's turn your solar vision into a plan. Our experts will conduct a thorough site survey, assessing your space and energy needs. Then with this information, we'll design a tailored solar solution optimised for maximum efficiency and performance.

Step 3:

Kick back and watch as your solar system is brought from vision to reality using only the most premium materials and systems. the whole process should take no more than 3 days from start to finish varying on size of the install, 3 days in the bigger domestic systems scenarios. Before leaving we will give you a run down on your abilities and cost effective ways of using your new system.  


Step 4:
Ongoing Support.

We aim to follow up with homeowners post-installation to ensure that they are experiencing the expected energy output and gauge their satisfaction. Additionally, we provide ongoing support for any further assistance they may require.

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Benefits Of Choosing Us

A Quality Install

We aim to be Ireland's go-to guys for premium solar installations leaving no stone unturned. Our products are simply the industries best and we are in tune with any new breakthroughs that we can implement in our installs to deliver an even better experience. 

Smart Savings

We have a number of solar specialists ready to help at any point during our install all a call or mail away, of course you can expect to be briefed on all of your new renewable abilities by one of our helpful technicians. 

Client Centered 

We realise the future is digital. all of our installations are aimed for client convenience, monitoring and tweaking through your mobile phone from anywhere on our planet. 

One of our main mission was great service for a fair price. A lot of curious customers are being charged more for less. Our products are built and warrantied to last long after we leave.  

Value For Money

Why Go Solar ?

why solar


Save on energy bills and monitor real-time usage and production. Generate a significant portion of your energy for free. Optimizers ensure efficient panel operation even in shaded areas.


Store solar energy in batteries for free use during peak hours. If not using solar, store cheaper nighttime electricity with off-peak tariffs for savings.

Smart Integrated System

We prioritize our clients'  individual needs. After choosing us you will be in for plenty of benefits from your new Myenergi ecosystem. Convenient, reliable and accessible energy for years to come.

Hot Water

Utilize the Eddi system to divert surplus solar power to heat your water for free, maximizing solar system efficiency. Its smart tariff tracker draws from the grid at night when solar isn't available, leveraging cheaper rates.

SEAI Grant Assistance 

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland

We provide a comprehensive SEAI grant assistance service as many of our products are partially if not fully covered by government grants and schemes as to help each household and business move to a more sustainable and circular approach to energy consumption.  

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Grants available to homeowners 

SEAI states that any home built before 2020 is eligible, grant coverage varies depending on circumstances. See "Grant options" for more information including on the range of grants. 

BER/DEC Ratings

BER ratings serve as an indicator of your home's energy efficiency, with A representing the highest efficiency and G indicating the lowest. You can check your BER online

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Energy saving commercial grants

Seai have a number of grants/schemes available to business owners who are looking to reduce energy bills.

See below for further information on commercial grants.  

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Get in Touch

Free consultation with our Solar Experts

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