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Myenergi Eddi Smart Immersion System

Functionality You Will Love


Smart power diversion 

With the Eddi you can heat your home with excess solar energy rather than exporting back to the grid, allowing you to heat your water cylinder for free directly via solar. 


Enhanced hot water functionality.

The Eddi maintains the most efficient way to maintain a hot water flow in your home monitoring your heated appliances, solar output and water temperature. Eddi keeps a good flow of hot water in your cylinder rather than letting it all go to the top ensuring you have hot water on demand. 


Low generation trickle charging 

Unlike regular heat pumps or EV chargers the Eddi can start to heat your home with minimal power (<1kwh) opposed to the 1.4kwh from other methods. This allows your Eddi system to gradually heat your home while yours heat pumps are inactive. 



Eddi is a great option for solar arrays with no batteries, rather than exporting back to the grid for less than desirable rates (varying) you can divert power to heating your water directly via solar, all from your mobile phone. 

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