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Myenergi Libbi smart storage 

Modular System, from 5kwh - 20 kWh 


MyEnergi Smart integration

The Myenergi line of products are very user friendly as they were built to work in harmony with each other allowing for on the fly optimisation to best suite each individual's needs. All being centralised in the Myenergi app giving you piece of mind remote access from anywhere on our planet. 


Security and Safety 


Modular System 

This is great for anyone unsure of what they require or people who are on the fence about a full solar installation, of course we will offer our professional opinion with every client but it is you the client making the final decision, each module comes in 5kwh and each is very capable for any requirements. Charging via solar or grid.  


Anti Draining and Control

When working with electricity there are no corners cut, safety is paramount. Myenergi has a 10 year warranty with any battery system and as an option you can opt to get the blackout protection feature which allows your Libbi to work even in a blackout. 

Libbi is an intelligent battery so you can have it do what you need, when you need. For example taking advantage of cheaper night tariffs on electricity to store and supply for the day ahead, the typical household uses 8-10 kWh a day. Libbi can also feed to your EV charger allowing you to fuel for free. 

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