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Myenergi Zappi

Performance with 0 compromise


Comprehensive Mobile App

Myenergi offers a mobile app which links their products all in one place allowing a user friendly experience while monitoring your energy usage, production and control over devices. For example the Zappi has 3 modes of charging tailoring to any lifestyle and the ability to set timers to avail of the cheaper night tariffs. 


Solar or Grid charging

Your Zappi works in harmony with your PV (Solar) system if you have one present you can charge directly from PV to EV for free, If you don't have panels in place worry not, you can charge cheaply through the night however prices fluctuate. 


Grant Availability  

Our customers will be able to avail of a grant of up to €300 off the purchase of their Zappi alongside many other grants that you may be eligible for. We offer a grant assistance service making going greener easier, to read more on grant options click below.


Security & Safety

Zappi has a 5 digit pin code built in to prevent people from changing settings / charging without your permission and prevents tampering. Zappi comes in black or white colours with an option to go for tethered cable or untethered. 

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