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Some of the advantages of our panels. 

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Spec Sheet below for the enthusiasts 


If your roof sees shade it would usually effect your array as they're usually wired in a chain making each as strong as the weakest. 
optimisers resolve this issue and ensure your panels are opperating at maximum efficiency 

Longi 430w HPBC All Black

Innovation Installed. 



With each of our installations we provide a 25 year warrant on both product and production, locking in your electricity bill for the next 25 years.  Maximising your product reliability and energy savings. 



A solar panels efficiency entails its ability to transform sunlight to PV (Photovoltaic) into usable energy, most domestic panels come in at ≈15-20%.

Our panels boast an impressive 22% energy production efficiency rate which is top of its class in domestic PV production. 


Weather Resistance 

Our panels have been rigorously tested for all weather conditions.

Tested with 25mm hailstones moving at 23m/s, back contact soldering to add to the module's crack resistance and they're also rated IP68 for their water / small debris resistance around sensitive electrical areas, meaning they can stay submerged in depths of 1.5m for 30 minutes.

Not that we're doing installs for Aquaman but it is  of Firefly quality.  


Innovative HPBC

HPBC (Hybrid Passivated Back Contact) is a feature unique to the panels we install. 

In short the internal cells of the panel can produce and convert at a greater rate than conventional domestic panels. 

If your roof sees shade it would usually effect your array as they're in a chain making each as strong 

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